2019/20 Yearly Tuition

1 Class = $725

2 Classes - $1375

3 Classes - $1995

Company - $2650

Tutu's & Tiaras, Mommy & Me, Pre-K Breakdancing = $675


Payment Terms

Deposit - $75 per Student per Class due upon enrollment (non-refundable).

Class Balances paid in two installments (less $75 deposit) - Sept 1st and Jan 1st (Non-refundable after 30 days if students drop in between installments).

Company Balance (less $75 deposit) paid in 9 monthly installments on the first of each month (Sept-May).

5% sibling discounts (less $75 deposit) will be applied to tuition balances.

Amex, Mastercard & Visa Accepted for Tuition Payments Only

Costume, Competition, Apparel fees paid by Cash or Check Only

Online Registration

All families require a credit card on file


Additional Fees

Costume Fees - $45-70 per Class due Oct 1st

*Costumes are non-refundable, no exchanges available. Parents responsible for any additional alterations.

*Each class requires min of one costume for recital (except Tutu's).

Competition Fees - $55-70 per Routine - Fees due upon registration of each completion (Estimated payments Dec, Jan, Feb)

Recital Tickets - $25 (April) - Online ticket system (no lines).