A credit card is required to reserve a spot in our classes.  Upon registration a $75 registration fee is  required.  Balance paid in two installments - Sept 1st and Jan 1st (Non-refundable if students drop in between installments).


The tuition for one 1-hour class per week for the entire year of study is $725.00.  Tuition for additional classes varies according to the number of classes taken.  Tuition must be paid on time according to the payment plan.  If a student decides to stop attending lessons mid-year, tuition that has already been paid will not be refunded.  Tuition must be paid through and including the month of the last attended class.  Danceworks is not responsible for classes missed by students, due to illness or other circumstance.  Money will not be refunded or deducted from tuition payments for missed classes.  We require that all tuition payments and costume balances be paid in full by May 1st in order for a student to participate in the recital.


Make-Up Classes  
Students can make-up 5 classes within the dance year before May.  Call in advance to confirm arrangements and availability.  Danceworks is not obligated to make-up classes for inclement weather and emergency closings.  All make-up's will be at the studio directors discretion. Any physical impairment or disability a student may have must be brought to the attention of Danceworks New York staff to ensure appropriate guidance is given.



All Classes
Hair Back and Limited Jewelry.  No Chewing Gum.  No Jeans.  
Dance Shoes and Tights available to purchase in Studio.


Ballet And Pointe
Leotard and Tights.  Pink Ballet Slippers.  Pointe Shoes for Pointe Classes Only.


Tights and Leggings.  Shorts, Skirts, Legwarmers or Dance Pants optional.  Tap Shoes.


Leotard, Tights, Leggings.  Shorts, Skirts, or Dance Pants optional.  Black Jazz Shoes.


Hip Hop
T-Shirt, Tank Top, or Leotard.  Dancepants, Sweatpants, or Shorts.  Black Jazz Sneakers (do not wear outdoors).   Hair must be back.  


Modern, Acro, and Lyrical
Leotard and Footless Tights (NO footed tights).  Shorts, Skirts, Legwarmers or Dance Pants Optional.  Barefeet or Sandalsoles. 


Combo Classes (Ballet/Tap, Ballet/Jazz)
Leotard and Tights.  Skirts Optional.  Pink Ballet Slippers.  Tap Shoes.  Black Jazz Shoes.






Monday/Tuesday- October 3rd & 4th- Rosh Hashanah

Monday, October 10th - Columbus Day

Wednesday, October 12th- Yom Kippur

Tuesday, November 8th - Election Day

Wednesday, November 23rd-26th— Thanksgiving

Saturday, December 24th - Monday, January 2nd - Holiday Recess

Monday, January 16th - Martin Luther King

Monday, February 20th - Saturday, February 25th – February Recess

Monday, April 10th - Monday, April 17th - Spring Recess



In event of inclement weather, we will post announcements via, website, Facebook, and through email.  Our general rule is if the Port school district is closed we are closed. However, this may not include the entire day. Afternoon/evening classes may still be open. Or just morning classes open. All weather closings are decided upon to ensure the safety of our dancers and traveling teachers. 


Makeup Policy:

Students can makeup 5 classes within the dance year before May 1st. Danceworks is not obligated to makeup classes due to inclement weather closings. All makeups will be at the studio director’s discretion. Any injuries or physical impairment must be brought to the Danceworks staff to ensure that proper guidance is given.