Tutus and Tiarras

Perfect for the tiny show-stopper. This fun filled class incorporates imagination, creativity, and make-believe while introducing dance and movement to children. Students will dress-up, play with props, sing, dance, and tumble in a fun and creative environment.

  • Early 2's Gradual Separation
  • Ages 2-3yrs

Ages 3-5

Combo Clases

These classes allow students to build the foundation of dance technique, while giving them an opportunity to try several dance genres at a young age. Combo classess also perform in the annual recital giving your children one of their first experiences on the big stage!

  • Ballet / Tap
  • Ballet / Jazz
  • Jazz / Hip Hop / Tap

Ages 7-13


Ballet is the foundation of all types of dance. Develop classical ballet technique through barre and center floor exercises, while also gaining proper body alignment, good posture, elegance and the skills to grow as a dancer.

Beginner Pointe

Pre-pointe classes are for ballet students who are not yet on pointe to further develop and strengthen the muscles necessary to go en pointe. Pre-pointe classes stress correct alignment and correct classical ballet technique. Pre-pointe classes also allow teachers to assess readiness, offering an atmosphere for proper evaluation of important skills.


This class offers both classical and contemporary styles, while focusing on the development of strong jazz technique.


Learn both classic and current tap styles and rhythms through barre and center floor exercises and fun choreography. The class helps to develop balance, coordination and rhythm.


This class combines jazz and ballet techniques creating a graceful and expressive style. Students will develop both skill and elegance.

Hip Hop

Learn the latest street and funk styles while also focusing on the development of dance technique.

Ages 13+


Pointe is performed wearing Pointe shoes on a fully vertical foot. Pointe allows the full distribution of the dancer's weight on the foot. Dancers are generally ready to begin Pointe after achieving competency in fundamental ballet technique.

  • By teacher invitation only


Contemporary dance breaks away from tradition and explores the limitless art of dancing. This strong technique class incorporates the styles of Horton, Graham, Limon & Humphrey.